Advantages and Types of Cloud Services

22 Jun

Cloud services offer a wide array of advantages to the users and these include the following:

Lowered Cost

Majority of the network security services that you can avail today have annual and even monthly subscription for as payment, this removes the usual requirement of having to outright pay for software licenses and other charges. Paving the way for organizations and companies to readily access storage, software and other devices, cloud services eliminates the need for investing in other underlying infrastructure as well as the upgrades and maintenance that comes with it.

Through cloud computing services, companies are more than able to procure relevant services on an as-needed and on-demand basis. During the times where there is no more demand for a certain platform or application, then the business can quickly the entire subscription of shut the services down.

Ability to Scale

Since cloud services providers will be the ones to facilitate all the required software and infrastructure, the company doesn’t have to allocate added funds or hire new IT personnel in managing the services. Hence, it’s a lot easier for businesses to scale solutions whenever the user needs change regardless if it meant an increase in the number of licenses just to accommodate the growing workforce or widening the application themselves. Visit this website at for more info about IT services.

Types of Cloud Services Available

Generally, there are three types of cloud services that companies and businesses tend to need:

Software as a Service or SaaS

Out of all the types of cloud services, this would the most recognized, the SaaS or software as a service. One of the main reasons would be the wide category that it offers in terms of service from quick file storage, secure backup, numerous management tools and web-based email.

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS

IaaS or the infrastructure as a service give the exact infrastructure that a lot of cloud service providers want and need on order to manage other tools like SaaS without actually laying a hand on it themselves. It acts like a data center framework complete with functions, removing any need for on-site installations that can be demanding in resources.

Platform as a Service or PaaS

PaaS or platform as a service is a type of cloud service model that acts like an environment based online. It’s where professional developers can easily build any kind of cloud app. PaaS facilitates through a database, programming language and operating systems that companies can use in developing their cloud-based software without the hassle of maintaining any underlying factors.

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